What Makes French Country Decor So Special And Unique

Friday, February 25th, 2011 - interior design
What Makes French Country Decor So Special And Unique

Do you dream of walking through endless meadows of fresh flowers or wading through meandering rivers and bubbling brooks? Does the warmth and cosiness of country living appeal to your senses? Country style rooms are warm-hearted but not prosaic; trendy but not fashion-obsessed.

Acquiring the Country Look

Rustic simplicity that is modest, unassuming and friendly forms the core of country home decor. Though flexible enough to include natural materials of all kinds, hand made period pieces, well-worn antiques as well as reproductions, country style furnishings will rarely include designs that are delicate or furniture that is formal. Look for rustic, sturdy and durable country furniture that is hand crafted; country furniture is rarely machine made.

There are several types of country decor styles, from American Rustic and European Country to Vintage or Modern Country. While sticking with one style of country decor for your entire house is a safe, simple and time saving option, the very coordinated sameness that you tried so hard to achieve can look monotonous and humdrum after a while. Mix and match complementary country-styled furnishing and give every room a refreshing yet eclectic look.

Here are a few vital elements of country style décor. Mix and match the different elements in different rooms to acquire a country look that is time-honored and yet unique at the same time.

Wooden Surfaces

Wood is the key material in rustic country style décor. For an authentic country look and feel, the style should be plain and simple, the wood unpolished, with the wood grain visible and chips and scratches completing the natural look. Cabinets, beds and tables are hand carved in oak, walnut, cherry, hickory, pine and other exotic woods. Cabinets with inlaid tiles and wooden chairs with colorful cushions enhance the beauty of natural wood and are great additions in rustic country interior decorating.

If you are hesitant to invest huge sums of money into your country style décor endeavor, you could acquire the country style look with smaller items including wooden bowls filled with usable items; wooden kitchen accessories; rustic wooden shelves and wooden containers such as large camphor boxes or smaller carved chests.

Country Texture

Textured surfaces that emphasize the beauty of natural materials are indispensable in country interior decorating. Wicker furniture and willow baskets are excellent accessories for any country style décor. They are comfortable, relatively inexpensive and impart a casual country atmosphere to any room. Colorful, terracotta bowls, plates, jugs and vases in different glazes add country color to any room.

Country Lighting

Nothing breathes country atmosphere into any room more than the warm, gentle light emanating from a live flame. No dimmer switches and railing lights in your country room. Instead go in for antique candelabras for the dining table and side tables, petroleum or candle-lit wall sconces and real petroleum lamps or chandeliers with real candles handing from the ceilings.

Country Fabric

Natural fabrics including cotton and wool are a simple, cost-efficient, yet wonderfully effective way of enhancing the rustic country atmosphere in any room. Blankets in soft, natural-dye colors; embroidered tablecloths and cushions-covers or an old sampler, framed in wood and hung up on the wall are all suggestive of country living. Avoid synthetic, man-materials of any kind. Quilts in faded, muted, subtle color combinations that hint at long usage infuse the room with an old-world country charm.

Country Accessories

Windsor chairs, Adirondack chairs, dry or fresh wild flowers, quilts, vintage baskets, blue and white ceramics, floral linens and tapestries, wire or wicker baskets, wall clocks, candle holders and wool blankets are all reminiscent of country living.

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