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Vertical Wood Blinds for More Appealing Windows

September 09, 2011 By: admin Category: interior decorations

elegant vertical wood blinds Vertical wood blinds are very popular for its sleek and elegant look. Not only that the wooden vertical blinds can provide its owner with beautiful appearance, they also provide functional aspect. They are able to give more insulation from any extreme weather than the traditional wood horizontal blinds. It’s because the wood vertical blind is able to be opened and closed together both from the side of middle. Typically, this kind of blind is often found in patio doors, large windows and French windows. These vertical wood blinds are perhaps the answer for multiple needs, the light control, warm look, flexibility, versatility and privacy.

Selecting the type and length of vertical wood blinds

Since the type of vertical wood blinds is quite varying, it’s crucial to select the right one for your door. Usually, you will need different type for both the indoor or outdoor wooden vertical blinds. You need to measure each inch and length you need. Use certain ruler to help you decide the right length of the wooden blinds for windows you need. Speaking about the type, one of the most popular ones is the Bali style blinds. These kinds of blind will perfect go along with your desired style of tropical house look. In fact, these vertical wood blinds also have distinctive look that can enhance your house appearance.

Selecting the wood type for vertical wood blinds

Wood is the basic and most important material for vertical wood blinds so you should get the suitable one. Here are some choices of wood for blinds:

  • Basswood vertical blinds

Basswood is often considered as the finest material to get high quality wood blinds. The wood itself has more strength and distinctive grain that makes it durable. With its smooth texture, this kind of blind is much easier to paint than other wooden blinds.

  • Ramin vertical blinds

The Ramin wood is what you should get anytime you look for cheap vertical blinds. Even though it’s cheaper but it has some disadvantages. But if you look for blinds to make your room dark, this is the right choice among other vertical wood blinds.

The vertical wood blinds will be nothing if you don’t get the real wood blinds. You may already notice that there are also many choices of forged wood blinds in much lower prices. Trust me; such forged ones will never work. Therefore, it’s still better to get the cheap wood blinds instead forged wood blinds. Just save more money so that you can get the finest vertical wood blinds.

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