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Understanding the Pergola Roofing Options

July 25, 2011 By: admin Category: Outdoor

pergola roofing options If you desire great patio roofing, you might want to consider the Pergola roofing options. The Pergola design itself is structure that is attached to the house to provide the covering for patio or deck. In other case, it can be self standing building which has lots of open air to provide various functions. Though this roofing option may not be that perfect but the covered Pergola roof can be great chance to enjoy nice moment spent on the terrace or deck. Perhaps, it is not wrong to start knowing the available Pergola roofing options since it is quite varying including from its basic material.

Styles of Pergola roofing options

  • Unilateral Pergola roofing options

This roofing option usually has beams which are stacked in only one direction to form railroad roof. This is quite simple and it is accented through its shaped ends as the predominant theme. This style also has climbing vines which grow perpendicular.

  • Angled unilateral roofing

This roofing style is suitable as garden pergolas considering that it can last in all seasons. This is comprised of the thinner beams which slant against sun’s ray direction during the summer. And during winter, sun’s ray will incline and then pass through to bring sunshine and warmth into the pergola corrugated roofing

  • Open lattice roofing

Usually, this roofing style is made of both the vertical and horizontal beams in order t provide better protection against heat. The available space between every parallel beam dictates how much sunlight that enters your Pergola roofing options.


Material of Pergola roofing options

  • Polycarbonate Pergola roofing options

This polycarbonate roofing material is very to be moulded. In fact, it also has high impact resistance feature that makes the roofing has heat resistance feature, toughness and also flame retardant.

  • Plastic roofing

This kind of corrugated plastic roofing is known for its cheap price. It is also considered to be very easy to cut and it indeed allows the light filtering. It can protect the Pergola from any harsher elements of weather such as the snow and rain.

  • Metal roofing

This roofing is usually made from aluminum, tin or copper. Of course, this roofing can provide excellent protection against any kinds of extreme weather.

Considering the varying Pergola roofing options, it’s good if you really consider which corrugated roofing you need. If you don’t want to cut it by yourself, you can also get the corrugated roofing sheets. Once you have decided which type you prefer to, soon get your Pergola roofing options to be applied to your house.


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