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Tips for Choosing Bamboo Wood Flooring

November 25, 2009 By: admin Category: flooring


Bamboo Flooring (photo credit : www.markenglisharchitects.com)

Bamboo flooring is rapidly becoming the preferred choice for home renovators. In view of environmental quality, bamboo provides consumer an opportunity to improve their homes both decoratively and practically.

There are many benefits if you use bamboo flooring. Long lasting, beautiful and available in many colors, the value-added fact that bamboo can increase the worth of your home is driving many consumers towards installing it.

How to Buy Bamboo Flooring

The biggest obstacle, and many shoppers are looking for bamboo flooring is where buy it. In many cases, there will be no dealer close by which begs the question, so how you shop for it? Online of course. The internet has been a boon in many areas of people’s lives and shopping is one of them. There are some excellent online retailers and a number, requires some due diligence. However, all the sales outlets are not equal.

When arriving at a website, you’ll need to determine:

– how long they have been in business
– their reputation, can they be contacted directly which is extremely important ( if no phone contact move on)
– whether references are available from satisfied customers
– whether they have a showroom base offline.
– can they send you samples including grain styles and colors


photo credit : www.neimanarchitects.com

Checklist when you Buying Bamboo Wood Flooring

There are a number of important factors to consider before purchasing bamboo wood flooring. Here is a checklist:

1. Price will play a major part in your overall decision. You’ll need to work out your budget and coverage area before searching for your flooring. Prices can vary and beware of cheap imitations. Price can also be determined by the level of coating applied as well as whether the flooring is machine manufactured or hand crafted.

2. Installing bamboo wood flooring can be a little tricky depending on the type of installation you prefer. Floating a floor can be achieved usually with the minimum of fuss by someone with a little handyman knowledge as the product is usually pre prepared however, the more involved process of installing an unfinished product will require the services of an expert installer. Discuss this with your seller.

3. Color needs to be determined well before you even start looking at bamboo wood flooring. If you are giving your home a full renovation then your decor will want to match your floor and vice versa, if you are installing only the floor then it will need to match the home’s decor. Obvious but needs to be mentioned! Floor traffic is another aspect to consider when choosing color.

4. Considering the grain of the product is a factor in your overall choice. This is something you will need to decide for yourself.

Choosing bamboo flooring over traditional coverings could well be the best decision you ever made. It’s not a decision you should make haphazardly and the above guidelines will give you some idea of what’s involved.


photo credit : www.christopherrosearchitects.com

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