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Things that You Should Know About Bedroom Storage Idea

April 21, 2011 By: admin Category: bedroom

bedroom storage ideas photos There some tips for you about bedroom storage idea; bedroom is a place for you when you want to take a rest. Bedroom should have good atmosphere and environment, as it will help us to restore our energy when we went to get back to work in the morning.  So if you want to have nice bedroom design, there are some tips available for you about storage organization.

Tips to create extra space

If you have small bedroom, there is still another way for you to create and add extra space in your bedroom. You can add shelving to the walls, this will help you to add extra space, so you can use this to put books.  You can also create multiple shelving, keep in mind not to put something heavier more than shelving can handle.  This is one of simple idea that you can try to add extra space if you have small bedroomYou can also maximize the use of closet space, this will also help you to create extra space.  You can put some items that less frequently used in the back of the closet.  There is other bedroom storage idea that you can try.  So before you start using and maximize the use of closet space, you need to know that you should put some items that less frequently used in the back, and put some more important items in available space.

Create extra space with blanket box or drawer

Another place you can consider to use is place under your bed, most of beds nowadays have drawer to help you save some items.  Drawer can be used to increase storage space, most of the drawer have smart designed that it can be adjusted easily.  Another things that you can try is to use blanket box, blanket can also be used to create extra space.  Blanket box is one the best option that you can try to create extra space in your bedroom if you have small space. With blanket box you can store clothes, shoes, and any other items.  Some of this bedroom storage idea can be applied in your bedroom to create extra space.

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After you get some ideas, the next things you should do is to apply these bedroom ideas. You can use any storage idea that suits with you the most; you can start from using the blanket box to help you create extra space. You can also use drawer, the choice is yours. Most of this bedroom storage idea can be applied to help you save a lot space.

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