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Garden Facelift: Garden Bridges over Ponds

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Garden Facelift: Garden Bridges over Ponds

Adding a water feature to your garden can dramatically change the ambience and look of your back yard space. A small pond may just be what your backyard needs. A small pond can change a drab lawn into a calming and serene retreat. Back yard ponds with their lush vegetation serve as an invitation to explore. Garden bridges crossing the pond can add to the mystery in your backyard and can brighten up the pond and act as focal point. To finish off the facelift, add some outdoor patio furniture that complements your newly completed outdoor refuge.

The pond size you decide to install should be proportional to the size of your yard. If the pond is too big it may take over most of outdoor living space and bring some awkwardness to your yard. The right size of pond and right style of outdoor patio furniture can give your garden the facelift it needs.

Check with your local building officials if you need a building permit to install your pond. Some local ordinances require ponds to be fenced if they are deeper than 18 inches. This may determine the depth of your pond. If you live in areas where warm weather prevails for most of the year you could install a pond that is a foot deep. If you live in cooler climates then you may need a pond that is at least three feet deep.

The digging process can be a tiring process. You can probably do this yourself but it can be a fun family project. You need a few simple tools for your project. Give yourself plenty of time to work on your pond and do not rush through the process . Recruit you friend to help if it gets to be overwhelming. Make sure you use proper digging techniques to not injure your back. Good posture is important. If you decide to take this project on yourself, it is imperative that you follow the instructions carefully.

Garden bridges can be purchased already made or can be made from scratch. There are many different plans online for different kinds of garden bridges available. After you finish the project, make sure you choose plants that accentuate garden bridges and ponds. Garden bridges can be perceived as an extension of your deck, complement your decks plants with the plants on the bridge to unify the feel in your back yard. . Surround the pond with lush vegetation inviting your guests to explore the gardens. Plants in the pond should also be chosen with care. Choose plants that complement and blend well in your garden and give it a natural look. Water lilies always make a bold statement when in a pond. Include some bog plants too.

Choose outdoor patio furniture that blends with garden bridges. Make sure the outdoor patio furniture is placed on a hard surface. If the pond and garden bridge are a ways from you deck, consider adding a patio by your pond to provide the level surface required for your outdoor patio furniture. With the variety of outdoor patio furniture available you are sure to find some that will complement you new retreat.


Small Garden Bridges You’ll Love To Cross!

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Small garden bridges have become an all-time favorite form of garden decor. They add just the right touch that will turn a mediocre garden into something quite splendid.

This small structure is an ancient design that has been used across the ages for foot traffic and decoration, and it goes by many descriptive names: Foot bridge, ornamental bridge, landscape bridges, timber bridge, oriental bridge, Japanese bridge and garden bridge are just a few.

Small garden bridges are gently arched structures that span lengths from 5 feet to 20 feet, and are usually about 3 feet wide. Some bridges feature a flat platform.

The simplest garden bridge is the arched or flat plank structure without hand or side rails. More decorative garden bridges are built with ornamental and functional posts and side rails. Some side rails are specifically designed to protect children and other pedestrians; other side rails are strictly for decoration.

Garden landscaping bridges are not just for large, elaborate gardens. Many gardens that are small in size are large in beauty simply because garden bridges have been added in just the right places. Used over a small stream, rough terrain or even a little pond, bridges can add a wonderful, new dimension to any garden.

With such popularity, small garden bridges are easy to find. Garden centers and home improvement depots carry them, and one of the best places to find and compare garden bridges is online. Most bridges are shipped requiring some assembly. (more…)

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