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Split Level Home Remodeling, the Style Preference and Challenges

August 28, 2011 By: admin Category: home improvement

split level home photo The split level home remodeling is often known as the remodeling idea to get privacy for the home owners and family members. This split level home is able to provide the separation of the daily living activities, spaciousness and noise control. To mention, the split level homes often have the relatively small rooms. This kind of house style is the perfect choice in accommodating your need to find several kinds of area inside your house. Some of the areas you can have are the recreation room, formal living area, informal living area and also seclusions in bedrooms. Of course, you can find some ideas in split level home remodeling.

Some style preferences of split level home remodeling

  • The Foyer split level home remodeling

This split level house plan is composed of two different levels. It has entry on level midway between available two floors. Usually, it has short stairs that go up and other short stairs go down.

  • Split level ideas

Typically, it has three to four levels. It also has two to three set of short stairs. Usually, the entrance way is located on the middle floor and it can open directly to the formal living room.

  • Stacked split level

This type has five to more levels with more sets of short stairs as well. The entry way is positioned on middle floor that opens to foyer along with the sets of stairs that both go up and down.

Create split level home remodeling for your garden

Another great place to apply the split level home remodeling is your garden. This will be suitable if you have wide garden. The split level garden designs are necessary if you want to have more spacious garden while planting different trees in every level. When you have split level garden, you will find it so great as place to enjoy hanging out with your family. Make sure that you already planned well the design of split level home remodeling before applying it.

Usually, during the process in split level home remodeling, the biggest challenge is how to add the level. That is because some neighborhoods and locations restrict the house’s height. Thus, this restriction may restraint you to apply the split level home ideas. Another challenge you will face defines for the effort in creating balance for your house. These home remodeling ideas are great but it certainly requires you to hire the most qualified home designer and contractor. As an addition, you also need to make sure whether you can truly afford the split level home remodeling or not considering it can cost you quite a lot.

split level house

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