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Saving Money With Cabinet Refacing

August 07, 2010 By: admin Category: cabinets

Saving Money With Cabinet Refacing

I see people in hardware stores paying out big money to buy new cabinets. I can’t help but wonder if they know about the cheaper option out there called cabinet refacing. A professional craftsman builds custom doors, veneer side panels, and changes the hardware on your current cabinet body. There is nothing tacky or cheap looking about this and it has several advantages over completely new cabinets.

  1. You don’t have to spend the extra money that it cost to buy the wood framing. You only pay for the doors and some thin sheets of wood paneling.   The savings can be up to 60% over the cost of a new set of cabinets.
  2. The building process is much quicker. A cabinet maker can have the new doors and sides built in just a few days and have them installed in a few hours.
  3. Using a cabinet maker versus pre made cabinets gives you the ability to customize the design of the doors. You can match the molding to other doors in the house or something you’ve seen on a luxurious cabinet set.

To get a quote for this service the easiest thing to do is search online for (cabinet refacing + your city). You will see local companies in your area that can give you a quote for this service. Agieslist.com is another good way to find a cabinet maker with good reviews from people in your city. Always get a few quotes because pricing can be very different from one builder to another.

The last thing I want to mention is the option to do it yourself. There are plenty or DIY resources online and in books about reface your cabinets. I have to warn you that the quality will look much less than a professional’s work.  To keep it simple, the process entails cutting the new cabinet skin out of a thin piece of plastic vinyl and gluing it to the cabinet sides. This won’t help the value of your home and it might even devalue it.  The only advantage is instead of paying a few thousand dollars for a professional, you only have about $200 in cost.

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