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Practical Contemporary Kitchen Renovation by Sublime Cabinet Design

August 28, 2010 By: admin Category: kitchen

These kitchen renovation project was designed by Australian kitchen designer Kim Duffin. This deliberate design incorporates clean lines, put the piece, and denotes a house for each device, food and utensils. This design also help the daily tasks of cooking and cleaning easier.

To achieve the new design flow freely, several walls to the field next to the kitchen laid open to the rest of the house. This created a relaxed atmosphere and the interaction with friends and family, cooking and food preparation. A bank from the large island off the kitchen is used as food, both dry and Bar is the perfect place for informal conversation with a perfect frame of the drink.

In order to combine the kitchen with the existing equipment of this Mediterranean-style house renovated earth tones and natural materials were chosen to complement the existing environment and work with the sea location of the house. All drawers and cabinet doors can be moved from the ground, opening their doors and assembly lines provide more comfort when the chief resident has his hands full. To minimize congestion, a storage device has been built, with sliding glass doors and lighting motion sensor. This hidden office space in the vicinity of all food and equipment storage needs.

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