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Indoor Gardening Tips – Nature At Home!

July 07, 2010 By: admin Category: Tips

Bring nature into your living room and liven up the atmosphere by indulging in indoor gardening. It not only gives your interiors an aesthetic touch, but also works as a great relaxant. Who wouldn’t want to be in the company of beautiful plants and flowers after a long day at work.

They also function as natural air purifiers by ridding the atmosphere of unwanted carbon dioxide and turning it into life sustaining oxygen. Whatever choice you may have, be it tropical, exotic or common indoor plants, all of them add aesthetic value to a home and make it look more welcome and cozy.

Following are some useful indoor gardening tips to ensure that your indoor plants stay healthy and lively:

What food is to us, sunlight is to plants. Plants require from moderate to high levels of sunlight to survive. Every plant has it’s own diet levels for sunlight, thus, when shopping for indoor plants, you must look up the instructions to check how much sunlight the plant requires and what’s the best location to ensure they get their feed. Some may even need direct and bright sunlight and hence may need to be placed close to a south-facing window.

Plants that need low sunlight can be kept anywhere indoors as long as they get a minimal supply of natural light. They can also be kept near windows but with caution as too much light can burn them down, so a little distance should be maintained. Few varieties of plants that feed on low to medium levels of sunlight are Boston ferns, African Violets and Philodendrons.

Any list of indoor gardening tips will be incomplete if it doesn’t offer watering instructions. Indoor gardeners all over the world are accused of being too generous to the extent of killing the plants when it comes to watering. Like sunlight, every plant has its own watering requirements and should be subjected to no less or no more than that. Too much water can even rot some plants. A water gage will be a good investment to maintain a tab on the moisture levels of the soil, to keep it in synchronization with the plants requirements. Such gages are an economical means to balance the watering levels of different plants.

Another important indoor gardening tip is to always pay heed to the fertilizer requirements of the plants. For example, an indoor plant like African Violet, looks beautiful when bought afresh, however its leaves start yellowing over a period of time and eventually fall off. This is mainly due to the fact that many nursery owners use special fertilizers to catalyze the plants growth and make them look as much appealing as possible to the prospective customers. However, once bought, if they are not fertilized and taken care of in the same way, they die. Hence, you must ascertain each plants fertilizer needs at the time of purchase, so that you can take best care of them later.

It is always helpful to take professional advise from a plant specialist to know about your indoor plants fertilizer needs. Following all such indoor gardening tips dedicatedly will keep your garden lively and blooming.

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