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Design Ideas for Bathroom Vanities

May 16, 2010 By: admin Category: bathroom

Can you imagine your bedroom without a bed? What about your kitchen without a stove? Have you ever seen a bathroom without a bathroom vanity? Every home has these essential furniture items. Just because these items are common to every household does not mean they all need to look the same, however. If you have the opportunity to make your home different, take it! Ordinary is no longer the popular look, you need to be creative to stand out! If you are someone who wants to throw boring overboard and embrace a fresh, new look, then you have made a smart choice. There are so many possibilities when it comes to bathroom vanities. Here are some ideas with which you can experiment.

The first rule is to avoid the most popular stores in your area. The reasoning for this avoidance is that these places are where your neighbors and friends purchased their vanities. You do not want what everyone else has, you need to be unique! Therefore, you should try shopping for your new double sink vanity online. The selection is bigger, the prices are better, and you avoid all that tiresome shopping.

Now that you know where to look, you need to know what pieces you should consider buying. Are you someone who loves antique or traditional style bathroom furniture? Finished hardwood pieces bring back an old-world feel but look sophisticated and elegant at the same time. Bring back a more traditional look and it will look fresh and new!

On the other hand, you can opt for a very modern bathroom vanity. These chic pieces often incorporate glass shelves and polished hardware to add a special sparkle to the room. You can also find durable vanities that have granite or marble countertops. The warm stone is easy to clean but creates a beautiful look in any bathroom.

A third choice is to custom-make your vanity to fit a specific space. This option is the most unique but it is also the most expensive. One idea is to tile the surface of the vanity with a unique and eye-catching design. It breaks up the look of the cabinet and adds the perfect amount of decoration to a newly remodeled bathroom.

Good luck coming up with you own bathroom vanities ideas today!

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