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Dark Bamboo Flooring for Your Lovely House

January 04, 2012 By: admin Category: flooring


Modern dining room with dark bamboo flooring

If you have a house and you want to have the dark bamboo flooring in your lovely house you are allowed to install the bamboo flooring which is available in the market. There are many shops which allow you to make a comparison on its price. Sometimes you will get more discount bamboo flooring in certain shop than others. There are also many kinds of bamboo flooring you can choose. If you like the wider pieces you can choose the wide bamboo flooring but if you like the narrow pieces you can choose the narrow one. However if you install the bamboo flooring you will get it little bit disappointed since you commonly get difficulties in getting the dark bamboo flooring. Do not be sad in facing this problem since there is a way to make your bamboo flooring darker. The technique to make the bamboo flooring darker is called as the carbonized bamboo. This method allows the bamboo flooring lovers have many option in installing the bamboo flooring. So they do not only have one choice of blond bamboo flooring. Since you find that there is a way to make your bamboo flooring darker you will like to choose this great color for your house.

Dark bamboo flooring process

The process of the carbonization of the dark bamboo flooring is simple. It is similar to caramelizing sugar. When you heat sugar you will find that it becomes warm and the color is amber. If you heat it longer, the color will darker. The carbonization of the dark bamboo flooring is simple same. If you want to make the bamboo flooring darker you have to choose the bamboo hard wood floors. The harder your bamboo the process to make it darker is simpler and easier. Since the process of dark bamboo process is simple you will find it easily in the market in the price is cheaper.

living room with dark bamboo flooring

modern living room with dark bamboo flooring

Dark bamboo flooring methods

Staining and dying is other ways to make the dark bamboo flooring. Black stained bamboo flooring is the most common method in addition the carbonization of dark bamboo flooring. Beside conducting the dark method like carbonization and staining, you need to choose the high quality bamboo flooring. The Ya Nchi Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring is the best bamboo flooring you can choose since it is manufactured by the well known bamboo flooring from Chine, Yanchi and you can make it as the dark bamboo flooring.


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