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Make your Porch Wonderful with the Entryway Furniture

June 16, 2011 By: admin Category: furniture

entryway-furniture-bench Entryway furniture you choose will show your style to your friends or the guests who come to your house. He or she will get impressed when the first time he or she enter your room. It is a kind of the main gate of your furniture style in your house. The entryway furniture can be put in your porch or your living room. If you put the antique entryway furniture it is possible that you antique style and you inside furniture will be the antique furniture too. However, not all like this. Sometimes it is just put in the outside, but inside the style will be different at all. Nevertheless the entryway furniture will be still the representative of your furniture style. (more…)

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Mirrored Furniture for Your Elegant Bedroom

June 13, 2011 By: admin Category: furniture


Mirrored furniture gains more popularity these days. Mirrored furniture are popular because they perform an elegant look into your bedroom. But that’s not the only reason. Their popularity increases since it has a stylish and modern design. Their design also changes over time according to current trends.  In addition, you can also find great variety of designs and models for mirrored furniture that can be suited your bedroom. (more…)

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Modular Home Office Furniture to Create Professional Looking Office

May 18, 2011 By: admin Category: furniture

modular home office furniture photos Modular home office furniture can be one of your choices if you want to create professional looking office.  Creating comfortable working environment is important especially if you want to increase the moral of your staff.  When we work in the office, we must want to feel comfort in our workplace. A comfortable workplace will also affect our performance, it will increase the productivity.  You should make your office and working environment become comfortable.  You can choose some office furniture available to be placed in your office. Make sure that you will choose best furniture, so that the furniture will perfectly match in your office. (more…)

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Creative Multifunctional Curved Chair by Fishbol

February 27, 2011 By: admin Category: furniture


Curved Chair Combined with Bookcase Bookseat

Do you live in small apartment? I think this multifunctional furniture would be a great solution to save space. This furniture called Bookseat, which combines both the bookcase and the chair. You don’t need large space to put in.

Bookseat produced by Fishbol. It is designed very simple however it is a lot more practical than any other chairs. In combination between curved chair with a bookcase, it has features a bookshelf for keeping your books or magazine. So, you don’t have to move from your chair in order to get books for reading, since the bookshelves are placed below and behind the chair. (more…)

White-Looked Furniture

October 27, 2010 By: admin Category: furniture

white looked furniture A must have thing in your house is mirror. You will always need mirror to check your appearance. There are so many kinds of mirrors you can find on the market. One of them is white mirror. White mirror is a mirror with white colored frame. We have it for you. We offer you hand carved white mirrors for you, includes bathroom mirrors, white wall mirrors, and floor standing mirrors.

We have many beautiful collections of white wooden mirror in any designs to extend your options. We try to provide what our customers need and want. Our white mirrors are perfect choice for you, you can use it as landscape mirrors or dressing table mirror pieces. White colored mirror will deliver glamorous atmosphere into your rooms. You can choose many models of white mirrors from our inventories, such as Nantucket Mirror, Augusta Mirror or Madison Mirror for your dressing table sets. And for your bathroom or bedroom you can choose Manhattan Mirror which has been built in shelf. All the mirrors we offer can be leant hung it against the wall. We also offer you white bedside table to complete the perfect white-looked design at your house. We have some designs and styles for you to choose. You can check our catalogues directly to see what we have for you. We offer special prices for customers who want to buy white mirrors and white bedside tables from us, so you can save your money to get our high quality products.

If you are interested to know further what furniture we have for you, you can visit our website or come to our showroom directly. You can check the prices too. We have many professional staffs who will always help you anytime you need help with our products. Our products are handmade products. We have our professional delivery teams to deliver your products to your home too.